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Spotlight on the candidates. With Election Day only two-months away, make sure you know the candidates running this Nov. 8, 2022, and what issues they support.

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Texas’ March 5 Primary Elections

Colin Allred’s story is a uniquely Texas story. A fourth generation Texan, Colin was born and raised in Dallas by a single mom, who was a public school teacher and often worked two jobs to make ends meet. With help from his aunt and uncle, he and his mom moved to North Dallas, where his mom and aunt and uncle still live a street apart. When not at a YMCA camp, he often spent summers visiting his grandmother in Brownsville, where his grandfather was a customs officer after fighting in the Pacific with the Navy in World War II.

Colin knows that Texans are fed up with the divisive politics of Ted Cruz that pits Texans against each other. We deserve a Senator who doesn’t jet off to Cancun while Texans are freezing in the dark. And we deserve a Senator who cares more about your job, your health care, your retirement and your kids’ education than hosting a podcast three times a week. Colin Allred is running for Senate because Texans can’t afford six more years of Ted Cruz. He will give Texans the honest, pragmatic leadership they deserve in the Senate.

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